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    Opinions please! HJ long winterhose

    Hi Guys,

    Please, can I have your opinion about my HJ winterhose? Bought it with an original Diensthemd. Some of my contacts have doubts about the pants. What you think about the stickings compared with the label and the condition in general? Looking forward to your opinions! Thanks!


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    The condition of the trousers seems to be unused or at least hardly used.
    The edges and corners of the RZM-label seem unused too.
    The RZM-label otherwise looks well used and washed out.
    The sewing of the label seems to be well done but handmade, I don't think that RZM labels were handstiched.
    I do not know about the right pattern for trousers, that would be an other line of investigation.

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    Thanks! Maybe somebody else??

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    I'm one of the "contacts"..
    I have soms doubts.. The sewing has bright coulors, the RZM etiket is washed out.. Does not match in my opinion.

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    Pieter here some pics of my wintertrousers

    I dont like the rzm label and also the sewing of it , just as christian say's
    i also dont like the buttons, they seem to new and not HJ
    my trouser does not have a label but you can see the place it was sewed at, al my other trousers do have a rzm label and they are all on the right side, i dont know if this was standard. Yours is on the left

    i would not buy it if it was for me

    20151130_195548.jpg 20151130_195610.jpg 20151130_195628.jpg

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    Seller told me the missing knots are due to the period of production. Late war mostly without markings, early war with markings.

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    Pieter, when you search for "late war" on this forum you will find many fakes.
    It is a typical seller's story to explain things that can not be explained.
    Anything that doesn't fit in with known regulations, will be called "early (pre1933/34) item" or "late war".
    This does not mean, that there aren't any early items and late war productions.
    But seller's stories are often just pure fiction.
    As said before on this forum:
    Never buy the story, always buy the item.

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    The Winterhose was originally a DJ item which was later also worn by the HJ and there is variation with the labels over time but these trousers should have it on the wearer's rear left and it is usually seen above the rear pocket. The 1936 manufacturing instructions, for example, describe the label as being stitched centrally on the left inside pocket. It is not stipulated whether that is wearer's left but original winter trousers do have it there. These instructions also show that the cloth out of which the trousers were made should have a "Ski-Trikot" stamp at 1m intervals so if that isn't present anywhere on the inside of your trousers it's not a positive sign. The manufacturing instructions don't say that the label had to machine-stitched to the trousers but clearly it makes more logical sense that it would be.

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    Everybody thanks a lot for there opinion! Maybe I will keep it until a better one show up. After all, there is still no conclusive judgment if the pants are good or bad. When I look at the other items I've purchased from the seller and look at his own HJ collection (wich is very large!), I can't imagine he would be not fair about the origin and originality of the pants.

    Well.. difficult difficult...

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