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    Private purchase BDM skiing jacket or Kletterweste?

    Ski BDM tunic private purchase? or rubbish........ - the pants came with it - they are the same material, possibly gabardine and colour.....which is like a "green" ish type of colour, sorry to be vague. The trousers are riding ones or ordinary army breeches, but there is no evidence of any other buttons being applied or any other insignia other than the BDM triangle The makers label is visible someone in Halle. The set originated from Munich about 10 years ago... I've always said "don't tell me that they wouldn't have worn that" to a number of items--- It look right and it feels right - but is it right? certainly not a regulation piece and there may well be photographic evidence - but black and white photos only show varying shades og grey and black and white :)

    Any constructive comments are welcome.

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    Some more photos showing the stitching and pockets
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    Interesting link


    "Uniform-Ensemble eines HJ-Angehörigen
    Schiffchen aus hellbraunem Baumwollstoff, rote Vorstöße, vernähtes HJ-Emblem, Lederschweißband, Bezeichnung "AHS." für Adolf-Hitler-Schule und Größe "52". Jacke im Schnitt der Kletterweste aus abgeänderter, feldgrauer Heeresbekleidung gefertigt, zweireihig geknöpft (sog. Fußball-Knöpfe), vernähte Ärmelraute, Kragen mit Aufhänger bzw. Schneider-Etikett "Paul Selka & Sohn, Halle", dazu eine Hose im Breeches-Schnitt im Stoff wie vor. HJ-Trommel, eine Bespannung beschädigt. Koppelschloss (Hersteller Assmann) mit Lederriemen, Trommelhaken, Koppelschuh für die Trommelstöcke. Alters- und Tragespuren.

    Zustand: II

    Aufrufpreis: 700"

    Admin edit: added item description and photo from link.

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    The large cloth diamond was worn in that position on the skiing uniform so that could be a useful clue. Are there any signs of a triangle having been stitched above the diamond because that would have been there if the wearer was following the rules. As far as I know the higher male leaders (führerkorps) had three different types of skiing uniform from 1938 onwards depending on whether the wearer was a competitor or engaged in administrative duties at a ski-meet. I forget the third type. Perhaps this is one of them? Females of all ranks and also the rank and file girls only had one type of ski uniform so I think we can discount this being a female uniform in the pictures.

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    no other stitching is showing - it appears to have not had a triangle sewn on previously ................ Thanks for your thoughts :)

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