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    Question on a Deutsches Jungvolk shirt

    can anyone clear this one out for me:

    I've seen a dated HJ shirt (brown) with no button on the shoulder. Shouldn't there be one there? you need those, so I thought to put on the shoulderboards.

    the only thing visible is a cross stiched pieve of cloth to slip the board unther.
    but it seems to me it's not strong enough to hold it in place as it sits at about 3-5 cm from the shoulder - arm stiches.

    no pics availuble tough.

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    The shirt should have buttons to hold the straps. The tounge on the back slips under the loop you mention and then is buttoned on. If the shirt is missing the shoulder straps, the buttons may have been removed along with the straps. Sometimes you will see them up for sale with the retaining buttons.

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    Oh I see,


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