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    Here the insignia in its special box.
    which roughly means "Japanese-German Youth Group Exchange Commemoration".
    In the lid of the box it is noted the insignia was made by Hiko Nagashima from


    (Credit: Harry Hinds)

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    Thank you Wim , your allways appreciated with your contributions.
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    Wasn't there another badge as well?
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    Yes, the one you show is the badge from 1940 when six Germans went to Japan
    and six Japanese guys did visit Germany. The six in Japan got it there; some were
    given in Germany to members of the HJ. As far as researched the only one of this
    type that ever was found by me, was in Namibia and is in the hands of the son from
    the HJ-member who got it at Zweibrücken.
    In my article about youth exchange badges I showed it in color and I also did show it
    in wear. I will see I can find the photographs and then will post them.

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    Stammführer Walther Krömer at Zweibrücken. This badge is phrased: "2,600 Jahr-Feier".
    You see the typical badge upon the right pocket.


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    This model was found by a fellow on a market place in Japan.
    What's your opinion please ?
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    yes, this is a tinnie which was sold, but the participants got the expensive version!

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    Ok, thanks for your quick response

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    Just rediscovered this thread. Many thanks for your valuable information Wim and also to Jo and Lauri for adding the second tinnie and the day badge and taking the thread even further. Thread "stickied"

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    Have not done new research on the Japan visits. The second badge still
    is in the possession of the earlier owner, the son of mr. Kroemer, as far
    as I know. I can ask him about it......

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