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    Bann 13 BDM / JM summer rank insignia

    Hello folks,

    here is my new eagle which flew in yesterday!

    awesome quality in this piece, a variation i believe as its the first i have seen the bird embroidered on to a piece of cloth backing before being sewn to another piece of backing then attached to the buckram stiffeners, its a nice cream colour and is neatly zig-zag stitched around the bird.

    its missing its
    tag as a mint piece.

    hope you wire bird collectors like it as much as me!

    a nice gold on white or gold on blue would be nice for 2014
    but fear Herr Shouse and Co have them all !

    thnx again to JoeCool for the free
    FW magazine, the cover and adds inside is excellent!!

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    Congratulations - That's a nice one.
    And although I can't be sure, I'm pretty sure we don't have them all.

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    agreed they are out there , just spoke with a collector who bought a gold on blue for $700 i hope to find a gold, one day!

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    super high quality love it just further proof these where hand made

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    cheers Paul, i would agree not even the birds are ever exactly the same, they have subtle differences as do all the swastikas, i would have prefered a worn one like Joes new one from Alois, but i suppose beggars cannot be choosers with such scarce insignias, its the only summer dress version i have ever seen for sale!

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    BDM Obergauführerin summer rank patch

    Here is my Gold grade BDM leader Eagle on white .
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    beautiful mate! if you ever decide to trade/sell in a moment of insanity then please get it touch, i would probably consider a trade for the girlfriend for that bird, lol

    looks to have been once in a photo album, i can only imagine the album it came from, do you know?

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    I bought the eagle aprox 5 yrs ago , the seller never mentioned an album .

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