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    This is my new Bordfunker patch.
    It is rare to get an original. I am glad it in my collection to be welcomed.

    Best Regards


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    Maybe it is even rarer to get the first 1941-form:

    Bordfunker -1 as shown in Das
    -Fliegerkorps, Ausgabe B der Luftwelt nr,.3 from March 15, 1941.jpg

    This one is published in "Das
    ", Ausgabe B der Luftwelt, number 3
    from March 15, 1941 page 47. Note the Gothic "B". I can't remember ever having
    see anywhere this form.

    This one is shown in "Das
    " from Arno Kehrberg, February 1942.
    Note the normal "B".

    Bordfunker -2 as shown in Das
    -Fliegerkorps from Arno Kehrberg in February 1942.jpg

    From my handbook, page 363:


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    Fantastic insignia. Many fakes are often sold at dealer sites as genuine period items. Congratulations.

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    I did some checking. The change for the Gothic "B" (Gotische Schrift)
    into the regular "B" (Normalschrift)surely will have to do with a Hitler
    January 13, 1941 the Reichsminister und Chef der Reichskanzlei noted
    this in a letter (Rk. 237 B). In the letter it was specified that Hitler
    meant it was not in the interest of Germany to maintain the Gothic
    script. Mainly while foreigners, known with the German language,
    could not or hardly read it.
    A start was made with the change, but would take a while, due to
    this change/correction. Simultaneously the stand for the head for
    the eagle once more came into discussion.

    So, it is possible the insignia with the Gothic "B" was in use for a
    very, very short period of time!
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