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    Here's a photo that shows this insignia in wear. Lifted from EBayDE.
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    Two "auf Köper" and "auf Winterblusenstoff" Hordenführerwinkel. Have you ever seen the "auf Manteltuch/stoff" version?
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    I have not see that version Lauri. I like your examples, very nice.

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    This is the one in the red circle. First time I see it
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    I recognize that DJ strap from Jungbann 315. It sold on Jeff Clarke's site for only 250 USD, but I was moments too late to add it to my collection!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    Edit, most of this information came from Angolias HJ, so it may not all be correct.
    It's not bad actually but 1934 is incorrect as the introduction date. The rank of DJ Hordenführer and its equivalent in the HJ (Rottenführer) were announced on the 4th of July 1935 (effective from the 15th of July 1935).

    The rank of Hordenführer was not a leadership position but rather a reward for boys who performed particularly well in their duties. Only boys who had been members of the DJ for at least two years were considered for the award. The regulation states that the silver chevron was worn on the lower left arm. No details on the backing material are given in this 1935 order.

    Angolia is correct with his 1936 reference where he talks about the positioning of the chevron relative to other insignia worn on the left sleeve. That regulation (RJF Verordnungsblatt IV/3) also mentions the three types of chevron backing material: shirt material (Köper), "Melton" for the winter uniform and "Mantelstoff" available at this time but does not state that these backings were being introduced with the order as Angolia suggests. They may already have been in use but this is unclear. The chevrons (sewn to the appropriate backing material) could be ordered through the RZM.

    A large order dated 30.9.1938 (Sonderdruck 7/38) contains information on the new round rank patches for the DJ and states that the old style triangular DJ Hordenführer chevron patch was to remain in use but that it was to be moved from lower left arm to upper right arm (as shown on the photo Darin posted). The chevron is now noted as having an "Alu-Winkel" (aluminium chevron) where previously it had been described simply as "silver". It is also mentioned in this 1938 order that the backing material only came in two colours: "brown" and "blue".

    As Angolia says, the triangular Hordenführer patch was discontinued on 5.4.1939 (this was published in Amtliches Nachrichtenblatt VII/6). From that point the DJ Hordenführer wore the dark blue round patch with one chevron that had been introduced in 1938.

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    All I wanted to know! Thank you Garry.

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