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    DJ rank patches, with RZM labels

    I believe that these 2 new patches are DJ rank patches. Pretty common I'm told. But what I thought was neat were the RZM tags. To me, the best part of these 2 inginia. Any thoughts on why one label has "L3", and one has "S3"? What does this mean? Is there a good source for decoding tags? And how were items serialized?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The information for these tags is tough to obtain. It's mostly in the German period documents that very few have access to. I know that the A4 is a designation for cloth insignia, and the ink stamp is a code that corresponds to the manufacturers name. The only person I know that really understands these tags entirely is Wim, but he does not participate on this forum. He can decipher all the information. His new book is due to be released later this year and hopefully it will include some of this information.

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    Tags have always fascinated me. Do you know the title of the book, so I can keep an eye out? Where (what country) will it be published in?

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    I don't know the title yet, but it will be the new HJ book coming out around October from Bender Publishing, written by Willhelm Sarris. I hear a rumor that it was around 800 pages, a must have.

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    Here is some information that Wim posted on another forum regarding the large letter on the RZM tag.

    "In the RZM manufacturing-regulations page 17 from 1938 (section Ausrüstung) it was mentioned: red print is for HJ (blue for political leaders and SA).
    Further it was said as:
    the value for a single tag is indicated by the printed letter, for example
    A = 1/2 Pfennig; B = 1 Pfennig; C = 2 pfennig; D = 3 Pfennig; E - 4 Pfennig; F = 5 Pfennig etc. (up through P for 50 Pfennig)."

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    read this on the other forum dar, shame wim will not come over here as the people here are probably most interested in what he is doing

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    I don't understand it either. He's a member here but just doesn't post which is a shame.

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    His input is one thing we are greatly missing. :(

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    Tell me about it. Knowledge is gold.

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    Some more tag information for those that are curious. The number 249 indicates manufacture by Gerhard Unger of Wilkau-Hasslau who first had his permit in 1934, but was revoked on 2/15/1936 and then reinstated on 10/10/1936. I can't quite make out the stamp on the other patch.

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