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    Full set of DJ rank patches

    just added a couple more to this set


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    nice paul im missing 1 for the set myself have had loads of chances to pick it up as these are still very cheap but never bother lol

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    ya they are not that hard and if you wait long enough someone might give it to you , by the way which do you need ?


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    top left in your pic:o

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    Nice set Paul, congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuart View Post
    top left in your pic:o
    Weitze has two of them cheap knew there was some about just found them,&titelsuche=

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    Now you need some of the early Hordenführer winkles Paul. Seems it never ends!!:laugh:

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    YA i NEED WINKLES alright
    How often do you go on WEITZE'S site ? He has some nice tabs and triangles at tops prices though. Sure wish he took paypal there are a couple items there for me

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    I go there all the time. Top items, but as said top prices. Take a look at the Spanien triangle. 1600euro!!!!!!

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    YES saw that not on my list two tabs and two triangles are though

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