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    dont know, theres one for sale at the collectors guild which gives you a close up pic of the quality

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    THANKS will have a look. I sell much on that sight. What bugs me is I can find no pics data etc on this badge in any reference book and I have a huge library so would really like any members to chime in here if they have some info.
    Just had a look at the one on the guild and can see no problems with it and PETER does not put up fakes very little escapes him, so when was this badge worn was this badge worn that is the question

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    hi paul
    yep be nice to see aperiod pic of the bdage in wear, maybe garry has some regulations where the cloth dj is mentioned

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    Here you go chaps:

    The cloth patches were made for all levels of the achievement badge series (less BDM and JM) and those who met the requirements for the award of the badges received the large badge, a mini for wear on civilian clothing and a cloth patch to be worn on the sports vest (lower left of the sports vest - lower point of the diamond three fingers width above the waistband of the shorts).

    The mother of the boy pictured clearly hadn't read the regulations :)
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    lovely pic gar
    thanks for showing that clears this one up lol

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    No probs Stu. The photo isn't mine unfortunately (copy taken from an auction site) but it's one of those where you have the feeling that it'll come in handy one day :)

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    great photo which always clears up a question real fast and put this insignia on my wish list for sure FORUM POWER!!

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    Another great thread. Thank you Stu and Garry for posting the photos. When I have time I will take a photo of my patch and post it to this thread.


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    Für Leistungen in der DJ

    Here is mine. JME
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    I think last week on ebay there was also a picture with the dj patch
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