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    Good Fähnlein/Gefolgschaft standard bearer patch?

    Hello to all,
    I've had this Fähnlein/Gefolgschaft standard bearer patch in my collection for long time but I'd like to know if it's 100% genuine.
    Thanks Pete

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    I'm personally not a fan of these with the elongated diamond. Here's a link to a discussion thread that shows what I consider to be good examples. As always judge for yourself after researching the patch.

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    The thread Darin referenced is a good one in my opinion. I'm also no fan of the versions with the pointed diamond as I've yet to see one in wear on a period photograph/in period literature (other than the colour plate in the 1943
    ). The flat diamond can be seen in wear on period photographs and is clearly shown in various period sources so in my opinion the current evidence lends much weight to the argument for it being the correct type.

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