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    Marine-HJ Cap Tally Bann 59 Wilhelmshaven-Friesland Nord/Nordsee for review please.

    I've only had two of these before. This one looks okay to me from the photos but would appreciate other input. It was a snooze and lose EBay deal, wrongly listed and underpriced IMO. I do have a 14 day return privilege if it is not good. So what say you members, bang or bust?

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    Additional enlarged pics.

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    The manufacturing quality looks ok. The reverse also looks fine.
    The band itself shows slight traces of storage and age.
    I have just compared it to original cloth items I own.
    Being not an expert myself I still would say it is an original item.

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    Just as Christianlohmann,
    I'm not an expert either, but the overal view leaves me with a positiv guttfeeling.
    I think you might have struck a homerun.

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    Thanks for the thoughts guys. Hopefully it's a good one in hand. The price was right for sure.

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    Darin ... you outbid me ... LOL.

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    nice one DARRIN looks very good IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    Darin ... you outbid me ... LOL.
    Sorry about that Joe. If I knew it was you bidding I probably would not have bid. This one's probably going to trading stock for me.

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