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    Odd Landjahr Schwert Und Schole cloth insignia

    This is an odd looking one. It was sent to me free of charge from a collector in the UK that cut it from a swatch with several of these on it. It's small in size (approx. 2in high by 1 in across). It's printed on yellow cotton and the loose theads burn like period cloth. The coloration is odd to me as I've only seen this insignia in white and green colors. Any information or opinions for discussion on this insignia?

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    I`m stumped on this one Darin , was this style of insignia used postwar ?

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    Hi Darin,

    There was a photo on ebay from a HJ Camp entry wich show the same symbol,i have missed out on the photo but i had is stored for reference.(If the owner of this photo is a member and he wishes that i remove the photo please let me know and i will do so).
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    from the guild

    this is presently for sale on the guild
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