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    Some austrian Marine-HJ Captallies which I could NOT buy :(

    4 Reichsseesportschule 4
    MHJ Gefolgschaft 33/503
    MHJ Gefolgschaft 1/531 Linz / Donau

    here are some pictures of austrian marine-HJ cap-tallys which
    I could NOT buy I hope someone of the forum got them.
    Hope you enjoy the pictures.
    Best Regards

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    very nice Alois, those caps are one of the nicest HJ caps available, do you have a picture of the inside? it looks expensive!

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    Hello Ewan,
    no sorry, I have no pictures of the inside. But I know there was no RZM-Etikett, it was sold to USA, I think for around
    Best Regards

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    thanks for the info mate!


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    I saw these two lots when they went up, were they not up for €2000.- just for the for the cap tallies ? The cap was a separate sale?

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    Hello Jo,
    where do you see the MHJ 33/503 tally for sale ? The picture is from a austrian collector.
    The 1/531 cap was on mil321 for only 10 hours and was then ended.

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    I will have a look on sunday when i come back from work. No, i just saw these two items listed for sale on a dealers site, both one under each other, there was this cap, i didnt see the price, but the bands that were the next sale under that, the asking price was €2000.- for them.

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    Very interesting. Please let me know on which dealer-site are this items.
    Best Regards

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    Yes, I would be also interested where the two cap tallies came up for sale. The cap was on mil321 for 500 Euro and I was offered this cap about 3 years ago. However, the cap tally is not as nice as the picture suggests. It has several damages. And I am always very very careful with non-RZM caps - they can be everything and at the end you buy in fact worthless cap, a damaged cap tally and a HJ badge with pin/hook (instead of the split-pin) for 500 Euro. Not worth it, i.m.o.
    However, I would like to know who sold and who bought the 33/503 Wien tally - this is outstanding rare!



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    Maybe it was MILI321 that they were on, i just found the remaining bands for sale there now, so possibly it was that horrible place i was looking at, and got confused..

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