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    Meet Frau Gertrud Scholtz-Klink

    Hay guys my new postcard is unique ,it is of Gertrud Klink leader of the National Socialist Women"s League (
    Frauenschaft).This lady was involved in the Nazi Party since 1929.She made a speech where she said "the mission of woman is to minister in the home and in her profession to the needs of life from the first to the last moment of man"s existence".That statement went over well with my wife.I find the statement somewhat comforting.

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      What an Ugly woman she was !
      I wonder if these
      Female personalities were treated any different in Jail after 45 as the men were? I wonder if they too were also beaten and tortured like Speer, Hess etc.... Of course you cant compare being in prison in Germany post 45 to being in Russian prison post 45 like say for example Hitlers Pilot and Bodyguards who were treated so bad that in one case they wrote to the prison Boss to ask to "please be shot" I wonder if anybody ever did an analysis of the incarceration of male as opposed to Female
      -Prisoners regarding treatment etc ? it would be interesting.

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      Hello Operaman,

      great early photograph, which you don't see very often.
      She was a Gauleiterin for the Deutscher Frauenorden at Baden
      in 1931. So the photograph must be from that period.
      According to her personal files, she joined the
      on September 1, 1929 with the
      membership-number 157,007 (another document mentions October 1, 1930 and the
      number 210,782).

      October 1, 1931 the
      was instituted with that her function-name
      became Gaufrauenschaftsleiterin. February 24, 1934 she became the leader of the
      .Frauenschaft and got later the function-name Reichsfrauenführerin and
      stood on the same level as a Hauptamtsleiter of the
      , according a letter from Bormann
      from October 6, 1937.

      December 6, 1940 she married
      -Obergruppenführer August Heissmeyer, to give their 10
      childeren a new "home" (newspaper advertisement). Heissmeyer is well-known as the Inspekteur
      of the

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      10 children! Her mother must have never told her what caused kids!!!!

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      I do not know, but for sure they were not all brought to life by her, as she was married
      twice before marrying August. From the earlier marriages I do not know how much kids
      she had. August maybe brought also children with him. I neither do know how much he

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