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    New HJ postcards

    Hello all wanted to show off my new cards that just arrived. It is getting harder and harder to find good items I hope you enjoy. The card with the boys sitting an the banks of a river is a pilgrimage that the boys made to Braunau, that is Hitler's home town. the next one is a colour portrait of a HJ and the young BDM ( my fav) is very rare and is part of a set of four. Can anyone translate the Quote.

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    Great additions!

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    Very nice cards.
    My congratulations.

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    The quote is part of the refrain of the official HJ song "Vorwärts, Vorwärts" by Baldur von Schirach.
    It was first published in the propaganda film Der Hitlerjunge Quex.
    The song is now forbidden in Germany and Austria by law. It says:
    Our banner flutters ahead of us.
    Our banner is the new era.

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    Thank you Christan.I have that movie on tape I will have to rewatch. I don't remember the song but I like the lyrics

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    Here is a oil painting of card #3

    and possible another card from set they sold at Collectors Guild

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