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    New member of my Band

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    Spielmannszug Spielmannszugführer Schwalbennest Silbertresse Silberfransen
    Spielmannszugführer (SZ-Führer)


    Is he wearing a musician button on his shoulder? Can't see enough detail from here.

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    I thought the stripped shoulder boards indicated a musician?

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    What made you think that I didn't think he was a musician? :) The swallow's nest also indicates the wearer's position or rank and his is Spielmannszugführer. A normal member of his Spielmannszug would have worn the standard swallow's nests with no tress and no tassles.

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    Thanks for the information,I did not know that the shoulder board is called a swallows nest.Very interesting.

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    Can you see the button clearly with the photo in hand?

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    I can see his HJ pin under the lanyard attached to his pocket but I cannot make out the button at the top

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    I mean the one on his shoulder. Looks like it might be clear with the photo in hand. Could you post a bigger scan of the photo please? Dying to know what's on the button :)

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    Garry I blew it up to 400% and I cannot make any sense of it

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    Ah okay. Worth a try though. I was asking because I'm looking for a picture of a musician with the 'S1', 'S2' buttons which are mentioned in the regulations. As far as I'm aware there are no photographs known which show them. The 'S' button is known on photos but it would be great to see one of the others.

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