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    Oberjungbann I Frankfurt a.M.

    Here I have a nice postcard, sadly cut and in bad condition.
    Now I'm looking for a nice and better exemplar, maybe somebody can help?

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    My friend I have found one for you,Go to The collectors guild under Political organization go to Hitler Youth Postcards there is one for sale for $73.00.It is original and postal used with a message.I think it is a good deal.

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    Hello, thank you very much, I saw this one too. Do you think that 73 USD are a good deal? I was hoping to get it a little bid cheaper or as a trade.

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    Any Hitler Youth postcard that has be sent through the mail with a message and a stricking image on the front will sell anywhere 60.00 US to 500.00 or more,If this card were in colour it would cost 250.00 to 750.00. I think it is a fair deal don't think you will find another for much less.

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    OK, thank you very much. Just ordered, wish me some luck!
    If I get it I'll show you why I wanted to have this one :)

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