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    WHY ARE HJ and BDM postcards to damm expensive there is no shortage of even the ones considered scarce every dealers has some

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    I think condition has a lot to do with the prices Paul. Unused examples seem to be higher priced for sure.

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    my point DARRIN is there is so much stock out there in fact most are unissued and they are asking hundreds of dollars for them don't make sense unless they think we are all stupid sort of like SS cuffs no shortage of them yet the prices are far out of reach for most collectors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gefolgschaft View Post
    I think condition has a lot to do with the prices Paul. Unused examples seem to be higher priced for sure.
    Hi Darin,
    I agree with you Darin, some cards are worth a fortune, especially when the edition is limited. Here is an example :
    Best regards
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    ERIC do you have any production figures for those two

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    Hi Paul,
    no, I don't have exact figures. I only know that the HJ propaganda postcards published before 1934 are very scarce and hard to find in good condition and unused.
    Best regards

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    IT would be nice to hear some figures, all I can see is GIs with full boxes of these coming home.

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    HJ Postcards

    A never used card ,in my opinion is worth far less than a card that has been sent through the mail with postmark and message.That insures the card is not a fake.There are so many fake cards out there you can buy them on the Internet for 32 different 'rare' cards for 15 or 20 bucks for an uncut sheet.They are every ware.I will not put a card into my collection unless it has been used,or rather me say I will not spend the big bucks for a mint never used card

    The reason a lot of cards were printed for a special event or a celebration they were not reprinted.Postal Stationary on the other hand was used throughout the Reich years.There is one series of cards that was called 'Getting to Know Germany' there must have been millions printed they were a lot cheaper than the full color propaganda cards that are so cool to have.

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    interesting as I always thought those cancels had added value.

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    I agree that used cards are generally more valuable as it helps in authenticit however when there is a will there is a way. tr stamps are not rare stamps for any matter and it can be faked. look at the hitler diaries for example,the gb maltese crosses. I have seen rare wutton on edge, rare ironbridge crosses faked by ....a farmer's son now working as a urologist in hammersmith hospital...

    the only way to tell if it is genuine is to send them for paper analyses. else you trust your dealer.....but does your dealer trust who he originally bought the item from... or does he have doubts he is not telling you...

    The market for postcards is not an open market...prices siad are often a reflection of what someone is ready to pay for them rather than how rare they are.....

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