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Thread: Some postcards

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    Some postcards

    Found these postcards today while I was hunting for my own collection, just thought that some here will enjoy to have a look:

    1 Jungvolk or maybe Kinderschar, sent in 1938 to a German in Brno (Brünn) in Czechoslovakia,

    2 Jungvolk Nürnberg, Stamm II/B, 1/14, "Chatten" Nürnberg-West, nice stamp "Besucht die deutschen Kampfspiele Nürnberg 1934",

    3 Jugendherberge Schloss - Iburg / Teuteburger Wald (near Osnabrück), this item has no signs of use by postal service,

    Schloss und Benediktinerabtei Iburg

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    Very nice HJ cards,I have quite a few cards and have never seen any of the ones you have pictured they are rare and if you paid $38.00 for marching band you got a real bargin,if euros about right. I have paid as much as $75.00 for a card very similar to the one you posted.

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    Pieces of history.

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