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    Adolf Hitler Schule shoulder straps

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    Been waiting for you to post this set Douglas! Congrats, these are fantastic! If it's okay I'd like to add the photos to the HJ boards article.:drool:

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    Sure, Darin, you're welcome to.

    I think the construction on these is first rate.

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    Thanks Douglas, I will make a post and include them giving you credit. Yes the construction looks very well done. This is one of the nicest pairs I've seen.

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    These AHS boards are really nice , however ; they are a slightly missmatched pair .

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    Still a great set, not easy to find.

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    They are mismatched yes. I don't know why. Same maker. Same apparent construction details, down to the 9th degree.

    Does anyone know...were these issued, so to speak, as an exact matching pair (a "pair" meaning, made together, at the same time, by the same maker, by the same means, perhaps the same seamstress, and held together by some means, insuring that they made there way to the youth as a "pair?"). Or were they made in the hundreds or thousands, sent to a central point, and grabbed out of a bin, 2 of a time, with little regard for wether they exactly match or not? This to me would be very intriguing to understand. Because actually, if they were produced, adhereing to certain distinct guidelines, by multiple makers, one would never realize that they were mismatched when viewed on two opposite shoulders of a youth or soldier. No one at the time probably was concerned with these items the way collectors analyze things today.

    Curious to hear from others.

    P.S. I'm away for the weekend.

    P.S.S. (I'm calling on my other collecting interests such as U.S. Boy Scouts and Roseville pottery when making some of the observations that I'm asking about. Does that make sense?)

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    And by the way...I'm totally agreeing with you, Joe. They are mismatched. I have a very critical eye, and pick up on things like this as well, and noticed this right away with these boards.

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    Mismatched or not they still look beautifull and are rare nice set Doug

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    I've seen a set that someone posted a while back with a set of boards still wrapped with a rice paper type price tag. I don't know if they came from the maker that way or not. Edit, I've also had people state that with a true matched pair only only one has an RZM tag as they were a pair. I don't think RZM manufacturers would do such a thing but who knows.

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