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    Thanks to you Joe, and the others here that have allowed the use of photos from your great collections. The visuals enhance the information so much more.

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    Updated with post 38 HJ rank information.

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    Updated with some interesting
    tag information for a couple of sets, 945 General, and 325 Motor.

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    More Fliger HJ straps added.

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    Updates including button information.

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    've got a silly question to ask on the shoulderboards:

    was there or not a regulation in size ?

    what I mean is: as boys grow they grow out of their cloths . did the bigger sized cloth also had a bigger shoulderboard?

    I think it is logical that they also went bigger as the size got bigger, but I'm far from sure on that. And I havn't found any information to confirm that it is so.

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    Great question. I've moved the post here so we can just keep the article for examples. The regulations I have state this:

    "Regulations prescribed that the width be 44mm inclusive of the 2mm wide piping that bordered the outer edge. Some straps were without this piping and only measured 40mm. The length was 125mm from the base to the pointed end".

    Some straps appear a little larger or smaller however. It's my opinion that this is due to a number of reasons. There was a little variance in manufacturers, some adhered to higher quality standards than others. Also some straps have "shrunken" from washing, exposure to UV light, etc. The DJ single straps are smaller for the reason that they were meant for younger members, but the HJ straps did not have a regulation stating they would be made in larger or varying sizes to accomodate larger and smaller members. Hope this answers your question to some degree.

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    as all HJ straps where the same size remeber that in pics they would appear bigger or smaller in relation to the size of the boy wearing them, for example in a period pic a strap might look smaller on a older boy due to his size and bigger on a younger HJ member

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    SO I can conclude that a boy 11 years or a boy of , let's say, 18 years, both got the same size of schoulderboards on their uniform.

    Some pics do indeed show the younger one have a hugh looking board compared to the older one.

    But then I saw some pics online in witch I think the boys where of approx the same age and still show a big difference in length of the board.... Or mayby it only seems that way to me.... mayby the possion from witch the pic is taken makes the wrong eyepoint vision for me...

    thanks for the explication guys!

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    It's also possible that one boy had sew in and one had slip on straps. The sew ons are slightly longer and if the modder didn't sew it into the seam but just on top it would be longer. That's just one explaination.

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