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    that may be the reason, indeed.

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    Updates and new additions to the article on early straps. Thanks to members for the photos and information regarding the straps in the updates.

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    I would love to read this article but have only.....24 posts!
    With this one I have 25! Lets read

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    Enjoy the articles section.

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    New updates including a great set of Signals HJ and rare Stabsführer HJ examples.

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    New article up now on DJ straps and boards. More to add so check back for updates.

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    nice straps thanks for posting


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    I have had straps in my collection that have had a small section of the lower portion folded and sewn down , to have the size of the straps look normal to a smaller shouldered youth .

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    That might be one explaination of period photos with straps that look larger or smaller Joe. Great information.

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    New updates on the post 38 straps article including Feldscher and a rare set pictured in Youth Led By Youth. Also an update to the article on DJ straps showing another strap pictured in the book.

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