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Thread: Bann 186

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    Looks like Strief. Tug on the piping a little where it meets the black and see if its really white or mouse grey. If it's grey it's a DJ Fahnlienführer.

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    LOOKS to be white but is dirty and stained a bit

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    Awesome. Nice on to get. Strief don't usually last long when they come up people grab them up.

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    there was two in the bunch but only bought this one

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    Post a shot of the back if you can Paul. Would love to see it.

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    no problem here it is
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    Very nice. Period conversion to "slip on" style. Thanks for the extra photo.

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    same style as my bann 116 strap with period strap flap on back


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    can one of you show a definite mouse grey farbe ?

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