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    Bann 55 Lippe Transitional Set of Shoulder Straps

    I just won this nice "homemade" style transitional set for Bann 55 Lippe. Black strap oversewn on tan straps. Note the chain stitched Bann number, something not normally seen on black straps. The price was great. They will match a couple of DJ straps I have from the same Bann.

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    I like this ones. Really curious see in two colours

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    These are actually early 1935 to 1938 pattern straps that look to have been blackened on the top side to conform to the post 1938 pattern .
    Really cool Darin .

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    Hi Joe, it looks that way. When I have them in hand we will see for sure.

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    Great catch gentleman. I saw them but I thought there was something wrong with them.

    Good that you got them and also I learnt something new!!



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    Great set that I think have been dyed black you can see on the far right numeral where the black ran into the red . Nice tabs you just got on


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    Thanks Paul. I'm probably going to sell or trade off the early Bann 335. I've already got a set. Needed the post 38 to match a single, and now just need to find a green B35 and I'll have a set of each pattern from Bann 335.

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    LET me know iF I can help then


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    Will do Paul.

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    well done darin very nice i got the dj strap lol we are a killing pair well done again

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