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    Removing them from the SA shirt was the best thing to do, I would have done the same thing had the seller accepted my offer on the item when it was listed.

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    I agree with Daren , You have a rare good set of Nurnberg straps ..well done .

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    After a long search for a set of these straps they are now in my collection. Thank you to Alois.
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    Congrats Daren

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    Thanks Joe. Interesting that we have both been able to add these to our collections recently after searching for some time. Seems to have been a possible find of them or something in Germany, as that's where I've seen the last 3 sets, all of this rank, come from.

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    Funny that in my 38 years of collecting , until this year ...I had only seen 2 pair of these . Now suddenly this year , 3 pair popped up .
    Glad that you and me both have aquired them .
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    The "Obergebiet West" has done well this year I think Joe!

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