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    Bann "J" Nurnberg straps with crossed flags .

    The newest addition to my collection . A pair of Bann "J" Nurnberg post 38 straps with the addition of hand embroidered crossed flags for either Bann standard bearer or possibly rider HJ within Bann Nurnberg .

    The crossed banners are handsewn in silver thread and are really professionaly done .
    I checked the embroidery with a black light and it does not glow even at the worn points . I am convinced that this was period sewn .

    I have seen 1 other pair of shoulderstraps with hand embroidered crossed flags (I believe a member on this forum has them) but those I think are sewn with white thread not silver.

    There are also a few pair out there with the
    Reiter crossed lances and flags tin insignia affixed to the straps . Those I tend to stay away from because the
    Reiter insignia is still around in unissued condition , you can find them on most of the big dealers sites .

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    Neat set Joe. I would be happy with them. As you know I enjoy period modified straps.

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    Thanks Darin , these are one of those straps that , in hand when you look at them with your own eyes and can touch them in person , everything looks and feels correct . The embroidery was done a long time ago . If you can enlarge the photos I posted you can see this .

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    I found the other pair with crossed flags (it took awhile to dig for them within the archives of this forum LOL) ...those were once in the collection of Steve on our forum and also listed in the Baker HJ book vol 3 I believe .

    Photos posted for comparison .
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    lovely set.
    they must be quite scarse. nice catch.
    I'll stick at present with the more easier pieces, still a long way to go....

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    Another really nice find Joe, bravo

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    Hello Joe,

    I wonder how this pair of HJ shoulder straps, Bann 178, with crossed flags, has come in my collection.....LOL

    Best regards


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