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    does this indicate then that early on the banns where designated using letters of the alphabet and these are the survivors


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    Paul, these are the only HJ straps with a letter for the Bann location. On April 1, 1936 a special designation was introduced for the Jungsturm of Nurnberg which was in the tradition of the Jungsturm Adolph Hitler, a "J". The colors used were as for the General HJ or special units. There was also an "L" designation for Liebstandarte Munchen. The Bann "Gross Munchen" in Oberbann 1, "Munich-Oberbayern" was officially indicated as an "L" after the reorganization of August 1st, 1933. In the early 1930's the "L" abreviation stood for Leib Regiment, then in use by the
    Standarte in Munich, which kept alive the tradition of the Kgl, bayer: Infanterie Leib-Regiment. The
    Standarte was given title of Leibstandarte (also abbreviated as L ) on orders from the
    -Führer" style="display: inline-block; border-bottom: 1px dotted; cursor: help">OSAF
    dated September 23,1932. Because of the earlier bond with the
    traditions (the HJ in Munich had been known as an independant HJ Gau assigned to the
    -Führer" style="display: inline-block; border-bottom: 1px dotted; cursor: help">OSAF
    ) and also since the Riechsleitung for the HJ organisation had it's headquarters in the city, the term Leibstandarte was also taken by the HJ although they no longer were assigned to the
    by 1933. This information comes from the Verordnungsblatt der Osten
    -Fuhrung and other period references, and the Saris book.

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    I like this particular Bann, as you say it has great history and was involved in many of the well known rallies held in the region.

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    DO you have an example of one of these DARIN ?

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    Just bought some, not in hand yet.

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    Also picked up a single Hauptbannführer that's on the way.

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    SOME you mean that more than one of these is in the mail

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    Indeed Paul. Lots of new straps coming in, stay tuned for pics by next week!

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    I picked up those 6 straps last week off well known sights but you and a couple others must have a contact that I have not found yet as there have been a couple off triangles show up that where not seen on any sight I know of.

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