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    Bann L Munchen Straps

    Post 1938 sew in set for Liebstandarte Bann Munchen, Obergebiet Sud, HJ Gebiet 19 Hochland. This is the second pattern strap for this Bann. This set has different sized "L"s on them but appear to have been worn together.

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    The FedEx guy made an appearance I see.
    Those look great as does the dj strap.

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    Thanks Kevin. I've lost out on a couple of sets of these before. I even tried to win a humped up winterbluse just so I could strip a set of these off it once. Nice to finally land a set.

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    Hey Daren

    I see you got to Weitzes` site before me.

    I am the one who got that humped up winterblouse with the " L" straps .

    I think I paid around 400 total for the set . All was good but the triangle was bad .

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    not bad darin not bad :laugh:will hit u back very soon my new ones have arrived but stuck in post office dam

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    Can't wait to see them Steve, are things still being held up due to the postal strike? And Joe, nice on picking up that blouse with the straps, it went for just over 400 I recall, well worth it.

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    New arrival. Bann Munchen Striefendienst Sharführer. Enjoy.
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    Just arrived. Motor HJ for Bann Munchen. Really hard to find Motors from this Bann.
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    Very nice Darin. First of those I've seen.

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    Good ones!

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