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Thread: Bannführer !

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    Bannführer !

    Believe it or not , I have seen more Oberbannführer staps than Bannführer staps in my time of collecting .
    I got this pair from Manions aprox 11 years ago for 168 dollars . Once in a while you can strike gold .

    ENJOY .

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    Can someone help me with starting an Album like those showing like a slideshow on the 1st page of the forum ?
    I can only see where I can upload 8 photos per section , when I want to post 50 for a really cool slide show .

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    I don't think you can post an entire album in a thread. If you want to create an album in your profile you can. Then members can click on the album and see all your photos. Just click on the little album icon on the left side of your profile under your friends list and select "create new album". From there you can upload photos and descriptions. When members click on your photos they can view a slide show.

    Great set of straps by the way. I've noticed these do not show up as often as Oberbannführer also. These appear to be the nice felt type background. Do they have the inner stiffeners as well?

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    Thanks Daren , yes they do have the inner metal stiffiners .

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