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    Hello Metallwarenfabrik/Joecool,

    I was aware of this website with nice photographs. Great you
    remembered me with that. For my article I did use totally different
    photographs, also from the visit from Japanese youth in Germany (they
    attended the 1938 Party Day) and the boys visiting Japan in 1940.

    There were different types of uniform, worn in 1938. For special
    occasions a dark uniform was ordered, no exact description was
    given, but it seems a sort of mixture from the style as worn by
    the DAF-Werkscharen and the NS-Studentenbund and closely resembled
    the DJ leaders uniform. It looks indeed as a white piping, which
    I think was chosen from the type of piping as used at the NS-
    Stundentenbund (Stamm-Mannschaft) and matched perfectly with the worn
    white belt and shoulder-belt.
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    thank you all for your help.
    Here is one of my favorite pictures from the Japanfahrt. We can see numbers on the boards.
    Best Regards
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