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    Button with A unknown

    Good morning,
    In a recent thread, you have identified a button with the "S"!
    Now I would like you to identify a similar button with a A.
    For HJ shoulderstraps too?
    And what means the A in german? Ausbildung??

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    I have the same button. I don`t know what is mean "A".
    I bought it for my friend- he think that it is mean "Aufklarung".
    But it is were NEW MADE (repro) buttons. They were like real wehrmacht buttons and have an RZM markings.

    I can try and find a shop on eBay where i buy it.
    Also in this shop I bought some buttons with numbers, they also was RZM-markered.

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    Do you have a photo with the marking at the rear ?

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    Thanks for the links. Humm no idea in fact...
    A friend told me "für Ausland" maybe.

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    I don`t have any ideas too. As I say my friend think that it is WH buttons for reconnaissance.
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    I asked the same question at my friends who collect Heer stuff. They don't think "A" means Aufklarungs...
    With RZM marking this button is probably NSDAP, W. Saris says maybe for the Akademie für Jugendführung, it is a possibility

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    OK an thank you Kursan for your help,
    I didn't know!!!
    So NEW MADE written on the back = REPRODUCTION
    If someone know what's mean the A, don't hesitate!
    See you soon

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    Thank you Lauri for your help .
    "Akademie für Jugendführung" why not!
    In any case, there are some buttons with the RZM mark which have been used by the Heer, like the Company buttons, so not already for the NSDAP party...
    If you have any other information...

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    If I remember well, "A" is for "Ausbildung" (Instruction).
    When the boys came, at 10 years, to the Jungvolk, they first belongs to the Ausbildungs-Fähnlein.
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