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    Couple new dj shoulder straps: Jungbann 83 and 565

    COUPLE NEW ADDITIONS off Manions. The 8 looks like a 6 but it is just thread loss there but may have been done on purpose

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    Good ones Paul

    So when is it that you will find the "Holy Grail " of DJ straps ....The NPEA single strap for Jungvolk ????????

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    Shows that some bargains can still be had at Manions despite the reputation. NPEA and AHS DJ are very hard to find agreed Joe. Holy grail of DJ for me is the 1/201 will pay silly money for it.

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    i ALSO GOT THAT DJ leaders off Manions but it is still in route have never seen a dj school strap for sale but would love to find one

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    Man, how much I love those DJ boards. If I wouldnt collect tinnies, I would go straight away for this.

    Still keeping my Berlin one... but maybe it travels to another continent soon!!



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    LOL N AMERICA is always good :canada:

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    two cracking additions there paul!

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