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    Deutsches Jungvolk DJ Fähnleinführer strap collection

    Here are DJ " Jungvolk" Leaders shoulderstraps , from my collection .
    More often than not , for some reason ; DJ leaders straps have had their pips removed .
    These are what they should look like in all their glory .

    Enjoy .

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    Very nice Joe especially right and left "158" straps

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    Hi lauri
    The earlier Jungvolk Leader straps for the right and left shoulders , are extremely hard to find .
    I hate to say , but I paid around 200 dollars for these . To really have a complete set have to pay the piper .
    When you see a really rare item , the time to buy is then and there . $$$
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    Agree with you Joe and more and more difficult to find at best price

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