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    Deutsches Jungvolk DJ leader (Jungbann 107) wearing straps on both shoulders

    In the Jungvolk, those which were promoted wore a single shoulder strap like the other ranks (until the introduction en 1938 of the mouse grey piped double straps)... but not ! here is picture of a Fähnleinführer in december 1940. The way the Jungbann number is embroidered on the right (usual) strap, it is not possible to use it left : that means that at one time a special set of 2 straps (one left and one right) with embroidery to the front was realised (and still used in 1940).

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    This is a common configuration . More-so than not regulations were not followed to the tee .
    When I was in the US Marines back in 1980 to 1986 , we were issued a NEW pattern camo uniform in 1983 " the Woodland pattern" . At that time I was still wearing a Vietnam jungle pattern uniform that was one of the last batches of this pattern to be issued way past the date of the wearing out period.
    Just shows you that even in modern times Regulations are not followed .
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    There is an excellent example of this non regulation DJ strap configuration in one of Baker's books.

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    Hello Joecool,

    You are, of course, totally right but what I'm speaking about is something else : I never saw a left Jungvolk shoulder strap but I know many pictures where the double straps are worn. Some certainly used a right strap as "Ersatz" on there left shoulder but I can't believe that in such a state organisation no regular fabrication exist.

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    Fernand, Baker's book shows a left and right DJ strap just like in this photo. He states in the book that a strap was taken apart and resewn to make the left facing strap.

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    dj left

    Yes the strap is taken apart and resewn regards tomas

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