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    Here are the names for the various "Horste" from the Deutsche Pfadfinder in Südwestafrika:
    Windhoek (in fact where the headquarters were located). They had six groups;

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    Thank you four the detailed information Wilhelm.

    Still the mystery of the blue DJ 4 shoulderstrap is not solved yet.

    I personally still doubt it is South-West-African.

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    At this moment it is my opinion the black shoulder-strap may not have been used in SWA,
    but in Germany itself.

    The reason could be: many boys and girls from SWA were in Germany through the years
    to learn a profession. July 16, 1935 they called for a meeting and instituted at Goslar, in Germany,
    the "Landmannschaft Südwestafrika". In late 1939 they had about 650 members (boys and girls).

    Maybe the youngest did wear the
    -uniform with
    -service with special insignia, as for example
    the triangle "ReichsdeutscheJugend Ausland", as was worn also in Germany at the "Jugendhof" at
    Rheinsberg in the Kurmark (see my handbook, page 594).

    This is only a thought and my personal opinion. What I know is that they did wear the white triangle-
    badge with red edge, as used in SWA: "Der Dornen und des Durstes", the badge with the stylized
    "Weissdorn" (see included image),

    but the members from the earlier mentioned "Landmannschaft Südwestafrika" did wear this badge
    also, but their version did have included the swastika. The badge with swastika was in SWA
    forbidden. In most known books the purpose for the version with swastika is wrongly explained.

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    I did not find the membership-version in my files, but a tinnie.
    Maybe most of you may never has seen this one!


    "Der Jugend überm Meer" = The youth overseas!

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    This is one rare tinnie that you've got there, for sure.
    What size is the pictured Weissdorn cloth badge?
    All these clothbadges look different, are they different in sizes too?
    Mine is only 5 cm on each side.
    The metal one in the second and third photo is the one without the swastika.
    This is also pictured on the outside of the Huesken Kleinabzeichen Katalog.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I don't have these badges myself. I have told often I do not collect.
    So, I do not know sizes of any of them. 5,0 cm could be a quite
    normal size, when looking at them on photographs.
    The tinnie is from a collector in South-Africa; the cloth version is
    from someone from Namibia.

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    Here the symbol is shown upon the flag: actual and as a drawing.
    Further a photograph where various of the photographed persons do
    wear a dark (black) shoulder-strap.

    swa-9-H.Voigts - kopie.jpg swa-22 - kopie.jpg

    swa-31 - kopie.jpg
    Look at the man right from the flag and the guy next to him, as well as for
    example in the first row 5th boy from left and the last one upon right in the
    same row. Not quite well visible, but apparently other colored shoulder-straps
    were actually in use by the Deutsche Pfadfinder from SWA.

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    That was well spotted, Wilhelm.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

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