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    Extremely rare Hitler Youth HJ Obergebiet Stab (staff) shoulder strap - "OB 6/9""

    At WAF a very rare shoulder-strap was shown, which I had never seen before,
    and which I identified as:

    this type of Oberbann shoulder-strap was only worn by staff for a very short
    period of time (between early April and May 1934), forbidden for wear anyway
    with the entry of December 1934. The 9 stands for the district of Westfalen;
    the 6 for the Oberbann-number, which is Minden-Ravensberg. There were only
    a few Oberbann 6 in spring 1934.

    - kopie.jpg

    It would have been a great item to show in my book, but alas!! I noted about it
    on pages 522-523 (see note 268).
    I am allowed to show the shoulder-strap here with the HJ-forum. Maybe the guy
    - Vinzenz - does send me more. Maybe there are other rare items. The shown
    subject is from a manufacturers sample-plate and is a good original from
    Fahnen Lamm (Wilhelm, Lamm) from Bielefeld with the
    -permission A4/36.
    This is EXTREMELY rare. I can ask if the owner is willing to sell!!

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    Thank you Wim for your comment on this mega rare shoulder strap. A stunning sample plate for sure. There is also Ärtz and Feldscher insignias

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    There was more Lauri, I was told. If I know or have more I gladly
    will show it here.

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    Great shoulder board!
    I noticed the post on WAF. Hopefully there are some other rare items to show!

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    That's great Wim. My thanks to you and Vinzenz for showing this rare strap here Hopefully there are more to come!

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    Indeed the prize of a collection. I've not seen another in many years of study and collecting.

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    i m not familiar with WAF and don t find the trade.Could some of you help me ?
    many thanks

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    This is the rest from the lot as shown by Vinzenz on WAF:

    001 (2).jpg 004 (2).jpg 007.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg

    005.jpg 006.jpg 008.jpg 012.jpg 013.jpg

    014.jpg 015.jpg 019.jpg A.jpg B.jpg Fahne01.jpg Wimpel.jpg

    The pennants are painted; some of the plates show the typical D-logo
    for the Dicke concern from Lüdenscheid.

    Note also the shop-building and the inner, and some advertisements.
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    Sorry, the eagle pennant is painted, the other one for them Deutscher Radfahrerverband not.

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