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    fake Hitler Youth shoulder straps/boards ??

    what do you think of these boards for sale on another forum ? IMO they do not look period, but what really bothers me is the tags with the C designation which is for high quality manufacture like hand embroidery. They should have an A .

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    IMO these boards are okay. They are a very common number one of the horde finds. They were also used in the film Europa Europa in quantity. I think this set was on a shirt the seller had up a while ago. I think the shirt was sold without the boards after the seller was informed the boards were added because they did not match the district triangle. I have lots of boards with the large C designation on them. I've been told that this letter is a represntative of the price of the rzm tag itself to be paid to the rzm by the maker. This is what Wim Saris says regarding the letter.

    "In the RZM manufacturing-regulations page 17 from 1938 (section Ausrüstung) it was mentioned: red print is for HJ (blue for political leaders and SA).
    Further it was said as:
    the value for a single tag is indicated by the printed letter, for example
    A = 1/2 Pfennig; B = 1 Pfennig; C = 2 pfennig; D = 3 Pfennig; E - 4 Pfennig; F = 5 Pfennig etc. (up through P for 50 Pfennig)".

    IMO it's a good set, but overpriced because it is probably the Most common Flieger Bann numbers I've seen for sale.

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    INTERESTING info thanks. I know for political tabs and SS that number does represent quality of manufacture and I think there would be some argument here but maybe I have been wrong for several years would not be the first time


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    Paul, I could be wrong as well. I don't know much about political and zero about SS. I know that a lot of my straps have the same type of tags. I am almost certain that this set was on the shirt that was up for sale, as the are bent slightly from being attached to it. Edit, a horde find would be a possible scenario for these as the serial numbers are almost consecutive like they were pulled from the same bundle.
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    I can assure you that these are genuine shoulder straps but overpriced .
    They are very common.......

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    i thi every board collector has this set lol but well over priced

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    I have a set of these , I paid 15 dollars 10 years ago .

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    these seem to be everywhere :)

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