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    First HJ Shoulderstraps

    Picked these up a couple weeks back, they are my first shoulderboards, actually the first ones I came across, (I’m hooked!).

    The information I received from a knowledgeable collector was “This is set of post 1938 General HJ boards, in the slip on style. The numbers are from Bann 65, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 11, Koln-Aachen. They are for the rank of Scharführer”.

    The question I have is what is a “Scharführer”, and what was the responsibly that came with the title?



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    Good uniform removed boards. HJ ranks from this period would indicate the sixth level of promotion. As for the duties someone else probably knows more that I could tell you.

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    See this link for more information on the Scharführer.

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    This rank is equlivant to like a platoon leader.

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    nice boards

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    Platoon leader is a good comparison. The Schar would be the platoon and the Kameradschaften the sections within that platoon.

    A Schar consisted of four Kameradschaften with each Kameradschaft consisting of around 10 boys. The Scharführer would have been responsible for the planning and conduct of tasks ordered by the Gefolgschaftsführer. These would have involved ideology lessons, sports afternoons/days and exercises in the field. It was also his responsibility to instruct the units under him on the organisation and structure of the HJ, discipline etc. He would normally call his Kameradschaftsführer to a meeting once aa week to discuss upcoming events and any problems.

    Edit: the Bann was Bann Köln-Land (previously Bann Bergheim)
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    Did this set come from Kaiser Bill's? If so does he have much HJ stuff? If so I might take a drive north to check his shop out.

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    Yes! Kaiser Bill's. My wife and I go to the antique shops there and I always stop in to see if anything new, these where. Not much HJ items, but tons of other stuff, always interesting to see the items.

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    Good to know he's still around. Not many shops left these days.

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