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    First pattern Landjahr shoulder straps and first version of the Landjahr sleeve triangle

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    Another great photo Fernand. There is one of these straps up for sale at Huesken for 80euro

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    Excellent stuff. With the discussion we had on another thread concerning the short-lived Landjahr in black I'm suprised this thread hasn't seen more comments. Thanks for showing the pic D.

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    haha end of story bought the strap was sitting there to long . It seems to be a bit cheaper than his normal rate a very expensive dealer

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    i have a second pattern in black i will post as soon as i can find my picture :laugh:

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    black second pattern ????

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    Technically the black are third pattern post 1938, but some say second pattern to differentiate between the tan background earlier straps and the post 38 straps.

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