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    Flieger-HJ Bann 138 shoulder strap arrived today

    Just got this one in today. HJ Bann 138, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 9 Westphalia. Sew on version modified with snaps for easy removel.

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    Very nice Darin. These are for Bann 138 Siegen-Wittgenstein (later renamed to Bann 138 Siegerland).

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    Thanks for the additional info Garry.

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    Very nice. I personally like purchasing straps that contain the snaps. I haven't yet encountered any reproductions with snaps.


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    verry nice

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    Darin great addition m8 another fine pair for your collection

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    Pat, I wish it were a pair but it's a single, trick photography to make a front and back shot! :laugh:

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    Ow thanks for the heads up

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