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    Flieger HJ Bann 37 Wilmersdorf-Zehlendorf Ost/Berlin Shoulder Straps

    Picked this nice set up at the West Coast Historical Militaria Collectors Show today for a great price. Bann 37 Wilmersdorf-Zehlendorf Ost/Berlin Flieger HJ set. These have internal stiffeners in them and don't bend with gravity. I was really happy to find a set of Berlin straps as the HJ items were few except for the generic items. The only set I saw there and I looked pretty hard.

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    Very nice Boards.
    my congratulation.

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    Good looking set Darin

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    Great set Darin . Is it the photo flash or have these straps been re-colored from white streife to blue fleiger.

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    Hi Joe, it's just the lighting in the photo (quick snap taken with my Iphone) that makes the piping look that way. They are Flieger blue for sure. Missing a pip, but we know that's not uncommon with HJ straps it seems.

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    And now they are here in Belgium after a short stop at Weitzes ...
    I started a new thread on these related to the RZM Zettel

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