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    Gebiet 21 Baden Shoulderboard Führerschnur Gebietsdreieck

    this items arrived today from Germany. I think the Shoulderboard and the Führerschnur(Kameradschaftsführer) are from 1932 or earlier, from Gebiet Baden, colours red-yellow. Seen in wear on the "handbook of HJ" page 192. The Gebietsdreieck "Süd Baden" is from the same person.
    But I´m not sure if this all is correct. Opinions wellcome.
    Best Regards

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    I like the strap. I watched this on Ebay DE. If the seller accepted Paypal I would have bid. Congratulations on the win.

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    I feel good about this one also . diffenitly from 1930 to 1933 .

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    thank´s for congratulation´s. I´m very happy with the strap and the Führerschnur.
    I wish I had also "Austrian" straps and Führerschnüre from 1930-1933. Has anyone pictures of this items from Austria? The piping of the boards must be brown for Gau Niederdonau, brown-white for Gau Vienna, green for Gau Steiermark, black for Gau Kärnten, white for Gau Oberdonau, red-white for Gau Salzburg,Tirol and Vorarlberg.

    Best Regards

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    These items were being shipped to me from Austria and now appear to be lost or stolen in the post somewhere in New York, the last place the parcel was scanned. If they are seen anywhere, Ebay, dealer sites, offered privately etc. please contact me, or Alois as they are missing. The postal authorities are investigating at the moment, but the items are definetly missing. Gutted as I've traded two pairs of good straps for these.

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    I hope the best for you.....
    mfg Brian

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    Same here Darin. Let's hope for the best and that they do turn up.

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    Thanks guys, and thanks to the member who PM'ed me about keeping an eye out at a militaria show in the region this weekend. Hopefully these aren't gone forever.

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    Well, this morning things are looking better. It appears the parcel is now in California, LA area some miles north of me. Hopefully this is a good sign, I will see what happens in the next few days. What a nightmare.
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    A friend who works in post told me in USA they stop ALL postages what come from europe for check what is inside.

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