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    General Hitler Youth Shoulder Straps

    I've been working on scanning and cataloging all my HJ shoulder straps, as all I have been adding I've just been putting in the safe. Here's a neat shot of the General HJ straps I was working with today. I think I may have a shoulder strap addiction problem possibly, it's getting out of control really.

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    Hallo Darin,
    fantastic picture, I love the 507 ;)
    Best Regards

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    addiction, well I would like to be your doctor.
    First part of the treatment is to get rid of the temptation, and boy would I be glad to take those of your hands and keep them for myself.
    Without joking, you have there a "small" pile of jewels there.
    Well done.
    Now it's just a matter of putting it together to present them the best possible way.
    This is for me the biggest satisfaction of the whole thing of collecting. To actually see what you've imagined is getting form along the way.

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    As every single addition un addiction, when you buy one Strap/Tinnie, etc, in internet, you are waiting a few days for the arrival, and that is it, you see it, photograph, research and to the show case. And when the whole work is done... comes again the nerves and the search for another piece... and come bac again to the whole circle.

    Well done Darin. Nice pic, step by step it will be impossible for you to put all your boards in a single foto

    Take care



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    Great pic Darin - and that's only the M1938 part of your collection :)

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    Thanks for the compliments guys. Next up I need to work on all my Specialist straps. It doesn't seem like a lot until I really start to look at them all at once! I can only imagine in a few more years what it will look like, as I rarely sell or trade and tend to keep what I have for the most part.

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    Wow great shoulder straps you have!

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    OK Daren , now put them on a scale and weigh them LOL ... I should do the same with mine .

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