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    sweet matching set

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    Joe's are a textbook final pattern set. Vibrant color, really fantastic pair. Worth what he paid IMO.

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    After seeing these great boards I couldn't resist. Here is my named Truppenartz tunic. Since I last posted this tunic I was able to contact the son of the original owner. The son is also a doctor and still lives outside of Stuttgart. We speak almost every week and I have received pics of his father who later went into the Wehrmacht as a doctor. A great tunic but the history and friendship I found are better than owning the tunic. I hope you guys enjoy the pics.


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    great tunic greater story

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    Thanks Paul. The original owner was an
    doctor before transferring to the HJ and then later into the Wehrmacht. I have all of his personal documents and
    party number. He joined in '33 as many did.

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    outstanding when you get the whole bundle. Did he have the golden party badge or anything of note ?

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    No golden party badge as he joined the party too late. However, the son told me he was very much into horseback riding and received the equestrian badge. This can be seen in the photo of his Army tunic that I received. After the war he was placed in an Allied
    camp until '46. He then return to the Stuttgart area where he started his private practice.

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    INTERESTING LOVE THIS reSEARCHABLE STUFF. Perhaps you could post the collection for us to see.

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    Mark, thanks for showing this tunic and insignia here, and sharing the history behind it. It's an item to be proud of having in a collection.

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    Thanks a lot. Here is a picture of Dr. Harpprecht in his army uniform and one from his later years. The son could not provide a picture of him in the HJ uniform and in fact, did not even know he was a member of the
    party. He said his father did not speak much of the war.
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