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    Quote Originally Posted by u869ss View Post
    thanks darin yes that is a nice one love your lastest set by the way how many straps have you got now in your collection i have 90 cheers steve
    Just a few less than you Steve. Yours are a little nicer as well M8, you've got some real lookers!

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    I have 116 .

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    Joe, most of yours are top notch as well, your Gebietstab collection is outstanding.

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    we have quite a few board collectors here, they out number the badge collectors by about 10 to 1 :(, nevermind more badges for me:tongue_smilie:

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    Boards are cheap compared to badges, I think that's the reason Stu. I'm leery of dropping a few hundred euro on a Sieger badge without being sure of it.:(

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    scan0002 (2).jpg another pair just got in

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    Steve, nice set for Oberdonau, Süd-Ost, Vocklabrück.

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    this also just in today scan0010.jpg

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    Nice one Steve, Bann was located in Obergebiet Nord, HJ Gebiet 8 Niedersachsen, you probably have a matching triangle somewhere in the bunker!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post
    I think DARIN is the most frustrated of us all over prices. This forum has caused a gold rush effect on the prices and if you look around HJ DJ straps are not sitting long on most dealer sights at any price
    This is proven by people paying crazy prices now. There's some on Ebay DE, generic Strief bid up to 191euro and some plain Motor HJ bid to 156euro with almost 2 days left to go. Maybe I should flood the market and crash the prices.

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