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    WELL WE KNEW IT WAS HAPPENING , now it is in the dumm stage and getting dummer


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    maybe you should flood me with them then darin lol but you are right the prices are mad but keep looking i just a general service 2nd pattern picked up for 14e will post when i recive cheers

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    not bad for 15 euros but someone has stolen the stars of it does any one know where i might be able to get hold of some enjoyscan0001.jpg

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    they are available everywhere not advertised. Just measure the width as there are several sizes used and ask around your favorite dealers. aCTUALL ONCE YOU GET THE SIZE POST IT HERE


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    ok paul will do

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    I've got lots that are missing pips Steve. Not a problem for me, I tend to keep them as I find them. For some reason the DJ Leader straps seem to really be prone to missing pips.

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    yes darin think you are right really should not muck about with items best wishes steve

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    Nothing wrong with restoring them, just whatever personal preference is. Keep a lookout at shows, dealers often have trays of odd pips and such for low prices.

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    some things should never be touched agreed but your strap has definite ghosting from the pips and IMO cry out to be restored

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    It's been a while.

    Here's an update photo showin most of my HJ straps and boards.
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