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    HJ Bann 663 shoulderboard with blue piping

    HJ SB BAAN 663 with blue piping

    Are these supposed to be DJ since the piping is blue? Are these less common than others form this BAAN? Thank you for your feedback. JME

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    Hi Jurgen. This is a set of Flieger HJ straps from Bann Litzmanstadt, Gebiet Ost, HJ Gebiet 20 Wurtenberg. The Flieger HJ were trained in the avaition field, building models, gliders and working on aircraft engines, etc. This is another of the more common Banns that will be encountered. If you've seen the film "Europa Europa" you will see this Bann number on the straps in many scenes. This is another of the rumored "hoarde finds" of HJ straps. The A4 RZM manufacturer of this set is by Lucas and Vorsteher of Wuppertal-Oberbarmen.

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    Hi Gefolgschaft,
    Even BAAN 663 is common would Flieger HJ be a little more rare in this case? I have not seen the Film but will try to find it and check it out.
    Thank you for your speedy feedback! JME

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    Oddly enough the Flieger is the more commonly encountered strap from this Bann and the Red General HJ seems to be more uncommon. I think a large ammount of these flieger straps were found in unissued condition, much like the Bann 663 Marine or 565 General HJ straps.

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    Hi Darrin,
    I guessed wrong thinking that Flieger HJ was uncommon. Oh well I still like them. I find it rather difficult to find HJ SB’s and pairs are hard to come by and singles are a lot more common. You would think there would be a lot of these in circulation. Most likely end up in some collection. Thank you again for your help. JME

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    Yes Jurgen still nice to have a set. It's also odd that the triangle that matches this strap normally sells for a high price, the last one I saw was listed at over 300euro!

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