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    HJ Bann 81 Oberrottenführer straps, Hauptscharführer lanyard and West Hessen-Nassau triangle

    Just purchesed this set and will probably sell trade the left strap


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    Nice one man, congrats

    Im sure you will have plenty of offers for that strap.



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    That's a great set of boards Paul. It will be nice to see them in hand, I think the one board may be a little mishapen from a cross strap. When you can inspect them closely it will be easy to tell if they have always been together or were put together to make a set.

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    YA WILL be interesting to get them the cross straspe theory is interesting so will hold off making any deals on it thanks for the input.


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    Nice score Paul.

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    if you let the 4 litzen go, send me a pm!

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    ONLY the left strap may go for sale or trade not all


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    nice buy paul

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    Thanks Stu that is my first cord also so very pleased with this lot


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    JUST recieved this lot from GERMANY and to answer the questions about the straps it is a matched pair great lot probably a set.


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