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    HJ Bann 84 Shoulder boards

    with help from this forum,joecool & bertl59,i purchased these shoulderboards from Hiscoll for my HJ-Winterbluse (schleswig Nord/Nordmark Bann 84) im yet to sew the straps on the blouse,i have them in a frame for now,cheers & thanks again fellas.

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    A nice set. The uniform is coming along well and should look great for display.

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    thanks mate,after some research i am actually modelling the restoration/manequin after 1934 Dithmarschen-steinberg Nord/Nordmark

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    If you are going for a 1934 look you will need tan background straps. The black background straps were introduced in 1938.

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    oh yeah i forgot about that,thanks for pointing that out,i will model it of 1942 schleswig Nord/Nordmark i think that will work.cheers

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    That would be a good era to use with that insignia. It's looking good so far. Nice project.

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    thanks mate,happy collecting to you

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    The sewing should be done very patiently .... I would use period thread . If needed ity might take an hour per strap , but in the long run , if done correctly ... you will be happy .

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    thanks joe i will be sewing on the shoulderboards on the HJ-Winterbluse soon,i am waiting to try find someone who knows what they are doing to do it for me,but if i cant find anyone i will do it myself,.i have 2
    marked buttons to sew on aswell with the boards,so it will be cool,i will post some pics when its all done.thanks fellas for all your

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    It always amazes me the quality of these shoulder boards. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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